Stocks and Shares ISA | AXA Self Investor’s stocks and shares ISA

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Stocks and shares ISA investors AXA Car
Stocks and Shares ISA | AXA Self Investor’s stocks and shares ISA
With crystal clear prices and guidance and support when you need it, we are here to help you to make your own investment decisions, not personal financial advice. Based on our stocks and shares ISA early to make the most of your ISA allowance 2015/16.
Stocks and Shares ISA | AXA Self Investor’s stocks and shares ISA
Stocks and Shares ISA | AXA Self Investor’s stocks and shares ISA


  • Control your investment through our online service
  • Create your own portfolio of funds. Using our step by step
  • Make sure are familiar with the level of risk for selected investment before investing
  • Invest from only £ 50 per month or a lump sum of £ 500 or more
  • Customer service in the UK If you have any questions about Service

The value of stocks and bonds and ISA may rise or fall, and you may get less than you invest. There is no minimum investment period, but you should think for 5 years or more about investing in stocks and bonds in ISA.

by sending
Have all your investments in one place makes it easier to manage their resources, and will help us to make the process as easy as possible to control the transfer with your current provider.

Send for us you have to choose our stocks and bonds ISA or our merchant account transfer, both as a means to long-term investment, at least 5 years should be considered. We are not a dime for the transfer to or from AXA investors calculated, but we know that some providers, so it is always advisable to check.

When you send in the form of cash, you will be out of the market until the transmission is completed. It is not lost when the market goes down, but the money will not be subject to income or growth when the market rises during this period.

If you stay transfer the funds invested in the transmission. You will pass in a position or sell these funds do not, while the market falls or rises during this period.

Our fees and charges
The investor AXA itself, we are committed, our prices are to be kept transparent so that you always know exactly what you pay with no hidden fees. Therefore, we promised our crystalline price develops.

Benefit from our charge account with ISA:
  • 0.35% pa, if you have a maximum of £ 250,000 in all AXA self invested account with investors
  • 0.20% pa , if you have invested in all AXA Even with investors account £ 250,000 or more

Please note that this fee on your investments and no money will be credited in your account.

Taxes will apply to fund managers. Detailed information about it, and any mail and loads the output can be taken in Key Investor Document for each Fund (KIID), which on the website AXA investors located next to each Fund in the selection tables of means holiday.

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